Endless love - Love is when you are ready to die for love, not to kill

...it’s hard to believe...

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Kara Sevda 2015-2017 © Ay Yapim

In general, I don’t watch such series in peacetime. I prefer to watch historical series, but during the war they only increase the horror of everything that happens when you watch and understand that this is more than likely waiting for you in the near future. I decided to look at something modern from peaceful life.

I would say that the theme of mutual and unrequited love is quite deeply worked out in this series. It is demonstrated not only by the history of the main characters, but also by many of the characters of the second plan. Only the superhero Kemal is ready to die for the sake of love, while almost every first one is ready to kill for it.


Neslihan Atagül in Kara Sevda2015-2017 © Ay Yapim

The series is pretty good. It distracted me from the war, the horror of what is happening in the country, the endless air raid sirens for a long time.

But Neslikhan annoyed me from time to time - it’s hard to believe that rich, powerful Emir lives with her all the time in a legal marriage and has never had sex with her, and he only wants to be in the same house with her and raise Kemal’s child. All other characters except Nihan are quite vital (including negative ones, since they are shown not as black and white, but multifaceted) and they often aroused empathy. Only absolutely fabulous unreal creature Nihan did not evoke empathy in me at all, since her image is absolutely unrealistic.


Endless Love 2015-2017 © Ay Yapim

In addition, the series is drag out. Perhaps this is also why the further the more the strange Nihan annoyed more and more. I even wanted sometimes so that she would be killed, but not Kemal, since there is something for what to kill her, and there’s nothing for what to kill him (fans of Burak Özçivit, the main heartthrob of the Turkish cinematographer, will certainly understand me).

The entertainment is good. The actors are beautiful. The views of Istanbul are amazing. What only Nihan’s aunt terrace is worth - you can admire it forever.