Dandedog — Requiem for Friendship

We can use a lot of metaphors, but how to find ones clear for everyone?

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© Dandedog 2020

A short animation film, which is surely quite indie and peculiar but with this, it can (and apparently must) be intended for the mass audience. Of course, not everyone will understand this animation, but those whose friends have crossed the Rainbow Bridge will understand it most of all.


© Dente-de-cão 2020

A very special and unusual graphics style demonstrates us yet again that cinema and animation are valued not for incredibly realistic 3D or CGI and not for classical and 2D landscape shots, but for a deep meaning. Without a doubt, one of the most difficult cinema tasks is to depict the inner experiences and thoughts, which are not expressed even by words. We can use a lot of metaphors, but how to find ones clear for everyone? It is no surprise that even the most thought-provoking two-hour movies cope with this difficult task seldom.

Dandedog 2020 has met this challenge. While watching the visualization, you will recognize your feelings, you will recognize how you imagined and described them. You will be even more amazed when you will recognize the visualization of your emotions that you couldn’t imagine and describe!


© Dandedog 2020 Directed by Elmano Diogo

If you have thought that this film is about the eternal life and death questions and the certainty of the end, you are wrong—indeed, this piece of work is about friendship and happy life. Yes, this is a drama movie, but it will make you smile at the end. And this is exactly what makes this cartoon a real masterpiece that awakens gratitude to the screenwriter.