The Batman is a new beginning, even more realistic

The movie brings up relevant topics - corruption, malice, politics…

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Robert Pattinson in The Batman 2022 © DC / Warner Bros.

At the heart of Reeves’ Batman movie is a mix of classic detectives and thrillers with the most realistic atmosphere of the city of Gotham possible. When watching, you can enjoy both the action and the detective component, as this is a deep philosophical thriller.

The plot is quite simple, although an approach is quite intriguing – the superhero has been trying to maintain order and get done with evil for several years. Although, now he needs to deal with a new antagonist, a criminal and a murderer – the Riddler. Besides, our hero in a bat costume meets Catwoman, who tells him her story. So don’t be surprised if the minor characters seem more interesting to you than the main antagonist.


Paul Dano as The Riddler © DC / Warner Bros.

The movie brings up relevant topics: corruption, malice, politics… which likens it to real life. From the very beginning, a gloomy atmosphere is increasingly created in the movie, even a bit heavy for the viewer. However, this is the real integral feature of Batman’s hometown, the city of Gotham. This is indeed the kind of city where an avenger could be born.

Thanks to the excellent work of the director, cameraman and the entire production team, it was possible to combine black with warm colours, creating a rich and eye-pleasing picture. As a matter of fact, overall camera work deserves some credit. There is no gloss modern movies are characteristic of. Due to many defocused shots, the shooting brings about a sense of presence. Sometimes you even get the impression that it’s not a science fiction you’re watching, but a documentary.


Batman and Catwoman in The Batman 2022 © DC / Warner Bros.

Pattinson’s great performance complements an already good work. The actors applying for the role of Bruce Wayne are often criticized, and with Robert Pattinson, even more Batman fans had doubts and certainly for a reason. It is clear that although the actor has long been not only a vampire from Twilight, it was still difficult to see Batman in him, and how wrong it was! After all, he strikes us with his amazing transformation with no echoes of the roles that he, as an actor, had a chance to play in the past. He completely got into his character: his look and rage – everything is by the canon.


Robert Pattinson © DC / Warner Bros.

It would seem just another typical superhero movie, however this work is startling. It’s standing out from a number of similar ones and significantly raising the bar. An amazing regularity: once again the approach to making and, accordingly, the perception of superhero movies changes precisely in the Dark Knight story. This Matt Reeves’ Batman has become even darker and more thoughtful. This is for sure one of the first representatives of a new or updated style/genre – modern noir, which is noticeably different from classical one and its neo-noir inheritor.