What untypical do all standard horror movies have?

There is no intrigue in the beginning - a group of young people went somewhere and got lost or stopped. Well, that may happen to everyone.

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There is no intrigue in the beginning: a group of young people went somewhere and got lost or stopped. Well, that may happen to everyone. But in the cinematograph there are more than enough of hannibals, sadists and just ordinary killers…

It happened that all horror movies are built on the same template. And only those, who are real fans of movies, know, that the pictures Hostel 2005, See No Evil 2006, House of Wax 2005 and other similar movies got their beginning with the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003. In 2003 the most successful film among the many remakes and parts was done (the original version was created in 1974 by Tobe Hooper). We would like to note, despite of the final film shots, which areconsidered to be like a documentary recording, this story is imaginary.

And those, who are even more devoted movie fans, know that in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974, horror Psycho 1960 and even in the Silence of the Lambs 1991 — the prototype of maniac is one and the same. Yes, indeed such a psychopath really existed. And after readinghis biography, you will think about his actions in the movies if they are shown in a greater or lesser degree than they were indeed. This is what we consider untypical for the cinematograph, because usually the real facts are exaggerated in the movie.

Ed Gein, the full name is Edward Theodore is one of the most famous murderers in history, despite the fact that only two murders by him were proven, their enormity shocked the whole world.


Anthony Perkins in Psycho 1960 / © Shamley Productions

The details of his biography and details of murders by him will not be described by us. Because, first of all, the information is not completely relevant to our website, and we also feel a bit creepy to describe these terrifying crimes.

But if we managed to interest you, you can always watch one of the horror movies mentioned above. And for the most interested — there are two films, that describe the life of maniac , Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield 2007 and In the light of the moon 2000.

It may sound paradoxically but we wish you to enjoy.